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Caprice Bourret

JJLOVE Productions

I have worked with Paul on two productions. I have been in the industry for a long time and i have never worked with sound this good!!! He is one of the hardest working people I have worked with and has become like family. A pure gem!

Raphael van Oostrum

Camera / Steadicam Operator

Paul Caton is the best sound recordist I've ever worked with. He overcame many obstacles in my presence and respected the art of cinema how the greats before us have. Above all he respects the unpredictability of filmmaking and tries to capture it in its most raw and honest form. This man has humbled me with his understanding of film and sound.


Marley Morrison


I've spent many years looking for a sound recordist as flawless as Paul. He is always professional and works to the highest standard.

His audio quality is among the best I've known and I have full confidence in him and his team to deliver. He also has a great energy and sense of humour that makes everyone feel at ease.

In all the time I've worked with Paul I have never once had to ADR , he will always go above and beyond to get you what you want.

I have no doubt Paul is one of the best recordists out there and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for your shoot.

Conor Boru


Having worked with numerous sound recordists over the years, I have to say that Paul has delivered the best audio quality we have ever had. He goes above and beyond to get the best sound possible and is highly dedicated to his job. We've all had bad audio let our projects down - Paul is going to deliver the audio quality you are after - No ADR required!

Arabella Burfitt-Dons

W4 Films

I've worked with Paul on a feature film. His audio quality was fantastic and he went above and beyond to always get the best sound. We didn't need any ADR at all in post! I always work with Paul not only for his expertise and the audio quality, but his attitude and lovely personality. He is a true pleasure to work with and I have no doubt he'll always be my number one go to person be it commercials or narrative.

Louisa Rose Mackleston

Northern Fortress Films

I have worked with Paul on a number of projects and he is consistently professional, efficient and amazing at his job. He's a ray of sunshine and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use him again.

Richard Colton

Film Maker / Director

As an ex editor turned film director I understand how important it is to get good audio when filming, Having now used Paul on all four of my feature films, I can honestly say I believe he could be one of the best out there.

Last year I set him the challenge of recording audio on a fast turn around low budget film, my stipulation was that I had to have no technical ADR. This he not only achieved effortlessly but also provided much needed 'on set' humour, showing that this challenge was not a stretch of his capabilities.

Paul has a unique ability to find that space to get his boom in close enough to record perfect sound, without compromising my lighting or camera angles. He is also great with the talent putting them at ease when it comes to wiring them up with tie mic's etc, thus allowing them to fully concentrate on giving the best performances they can.

I can't recommend Paul enough for any Production as ultimately not only will he give you the best job but he will save you money too.

Richard Miller

Body In The Box Productions

Paul was a great asset to our team with his dedication to quality and real concern over the finished project. He went the extra mile a number of times and on our shoot. I have no hesitation with recommending Paul who showed a great attitude and the final handed over sound was top quality every day making our life easy in the final edit.

Karmjit Kalla

Costume Designer

Paul and I have worked together a few times and I can say that he is great to work with.
He is by far the most professional Sound Mixer I have worked with and luckily he comes with a great sense of humour also.
The sound department and costume department have to work together closely to figure out where to place mics and figure out solutions for noisy costumes, he has always been very easy and calm to work with.
I would love to work with him again.

Jamie Hobbis


Paul is an awesome sound recordist. I love working with Paul. I shot along side him on two feature films. No shot is too much trouble and his attention to detail is second to none. His kit is immaculate and he loves bringing out the latest gadget for the impossible shot. He thrives under difficult circumstances and works cool and collected under pressure.
I heard nothing but great things from the edit team also, saying his audio was a dream to work with. No ADR with this guy! Book him with confidence!

Andy Kemp BFE

Film Editor

It was a pleasure to work with Paul earlier this year and especially to work with the sound he recorded. The quality of his work was way beyond what should have been possible given the low budget and high pressured, tight schedule. His meticulous attention to detail and professionalism made the editing of the film exceptionally smooth. I hope to work with Paul again one day.

Lili Sandelin

Producer / Line Producer

I met Paul on a feature film that I was line producing. I was impressed by how he approached the story and how he and his team dealt with each scene and location. Sound is often something that is taken for granted and it was great to see his dedication to nailing good sound during the shoot. Paul brings a great professional attitude to sound - making actors feel comfortable and planning and communicating the needs of the sound department to crew. The resulting audio quality is excellent, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any film and audio visual projects.

Jayney Mackie

Pink Flamingo Films Limited

Paul joined our crew on the set of "The Loss Adjuster". It was a fast shoot and we had much to achieve with a tight deadline. Paul always stayed calm during filming despite some challenging moments. I'm delighted to say that when we finally got to crawl through post production (which had to take place during lock down) that the only ADR we needed was for additional lines we chose to insert. Bravo Paul ! Good job!

John York

Good Audio Works

As a Re-recording Mixer I have been working with Paul's Location audio on several films over the past few years. He consistently acquires high quality audio - and I am looking forward to working with him again!

Vincent Woods


I have worked with Paul on 3 projects now and found him excellent, efficient and his work of high quality. My latest film required no ADR for any scenes we recorded even on the exterior scenes. so he certainly knows his work and we all look forward to teaming up with him again on my next feature.

Mike Ogden

Line Producer

I met Paul working on a feature in 2019. I was impressed by his professional dedication, creativity, technical knowledge and gentle humourous nature. He's a good person to have on set and will go the extra mile for you.

Paul then recorded and mixed sound on my short film, 'Arena' in the middle of a cold forest. I know that the post team were highly impressed with his work, as was I. It was a difficult shoot and Paul pulled it off with aplomb and a smile.

I highly recommend him for your feature film or TV drama.

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